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Petcurean given kudos from pet owner

A pet owner in Tabernacle, N.J., referred to in an article from Consumer Affairs as Leslie K., said she was pleased with how Petcurean handled her finding a metal object in her cats' food.

The pet owner found a quarter-inch piece of metal in a bag of Petcurean Go! Natural dry trout food.

“When I saw the piece of metal it scared me,” she said. “I saw it when I knocked the bag over ... I grabbed the piece of metal as my two cats were eating the food on the floor.”

The company immediately apologized, and wanted to ensure this type of incident did not occur again.

"They actually responded to me twice – on a Sunday. They said they wanted more details and the piece of metal,” she said.

Michele Dixon, Petcurean spokeswoman, called it an isolated incident. “This lot of cat food (Go! Natural Grain Free Trout Formula, with a best by date of Dec 16 10, 91016 2B42258, UPC 15260 00040) successfully passed our four critical control points ... We are now awaiting the metal sample to complete our full investigation.”

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