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NASC warns about quality assurance claims on animal health supplements

National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) issued a warning to consumers about purchasing animal health supplements with misleading quality assurance claims.

This warning was issued in response to growing popularity in the animal supplement market and confusion over health supplement labels. Because no government regulation is currently in place for the use of quality seals on animal supplement labels, NASC recommends consumers verify information about a product's quality seal before making a purchase.

Quality seals should be awarded by unbiased, third-party organizations, not companies, retailers or manufacturers. The seals should require companies to adhere to proper labeling guidelines and require product registration in NASC National Adverse Event Reporting System. Quality seals should also require the company have a quality control manual with written standard operating procedures for production process controls. The seals should not be available for purchase, but must require suppliers to pay for an independent audit and random testing on ingredient potency, identification and quality.

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