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Dasy to invest in new fishmeal production plant in Andalusia, Spain

Dasy Organización announced plans to invest more than €20 million (US$27.2 million) in building a new plant for production of fishmeal for animal feed in Osuna, Andalusia, Spain.

The company, owned by PGG Group, also plans to invest an additional €20 million (US$27.2 million) in its rendering plant, bringing its total investment in facilities amount to €40 million (US$54.3 million). According to the company's president, José María Gimeno, the new plant will create 200 new jobs, which will double the jobs at its existing plant. In addition, Dasy Organización moved its headquarters to Andalusia, Spain.

"We will rearrange our activities. The Barcelona plant will produce for Spain, France, Germany and Italy while almost 100% of the Osuna production plant will be dedicated for export to China and Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand or Malaysia," said Gimeno.