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Lily's Kitchen Dogs Diner opens to dogs in the UK

Chef Henrietta Morrison recently opened Lily’s Kitchen Dogs Diner, a new restaurant for dogs in the UK.

Morrison opened the restaurant to promote her Lily's Kitchen petfood line, named after her Border Terrier, Lily. She founded the petfood company after cooking for Lily, who suffered from constant ear infections and rashes. Food in this line is free for dogs to eat at the restaurant, which features a "snooze zone" and "romp and rip" enclosure for dogs to play in. The diner accommodates dogs of all sizes but only allows six in at one time. An herbalist, among other dog specialists, is on hand regularly to offer nutritional and behavioral advice to dog owners.

Lily’s Kitchen Dog’s Diner is located at 30 Pimilco Road, SW1 in London and is open until December 23.

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