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Kemin to purchase ADF's petfood technology, equipment

Kemin Industries Inc. and American Dehydrated Foods Inc. have reached an acquisition agreement that allows Kemin to purchase property, equipment and assets related to ADF’s spray drying technology for petfood products.

The transaction is expected to close on June 30. The deal includes ADF’s Verona South spray dried meat and digest facility, and ADF’s research facility, both located in Verona, Missouri, USA. In addition to continuing to manufacture and distribute some of ADF’s existing product lines produced at this facility, Kemin announced plans to install new processing equipment for manufacturing its Palasurance brand of palatant products.

“By combining ADF’s spray drying technology with Kemin’s Palasurance brand of palatants, we will be in a position to provide pet food manufacturers with the best palatant technology and performance available,” said Giuseppe Abrate, president of Kemin Nutrisurance, Kemin’s petfood division. “We have long been impressed by ADF and their operation and look forward to welcoming the ADF employees at the Verona South plant to the Kemin family.”

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