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New Zealanders love pets like family, Purina survey finds

A recent survey by petfood manufacturer Purina found that people treat their pets like other human family members, and many believe cats and dogs show human-like emotions, according to a New Zealand article.

The survey found that nationally, 72% of New Zealanders believed their pets to have human-like emotions, with 31% saying their pets could communicate feelings better than their partner. New Zealanders also said their pets have helped them in some way, as 26% said their pets helped them to avoid danger and 66% said their pets boosted their self-esteem. The survey also found that 25% of New Zealand pet owners celebrate their pet's birthday.

As a follow-up to the survey, Purina asked pet owners in New Zealand to submit 50 to 100 words to the company on how their cat or dog has "been there for them." The winning submissions will receive a year's supply of petfood for their pet.

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