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The Honest Kitchen releases petfood customer survey results

The Honest Kitchen shared customer feedback from its 2011 petfood annual survey.

The survey was distributed through the company’s monthly newsletter and on its Facebook page, and was completed by more than 2,500 customers.

The company said that nearly 78% of pet owners noted an improvement in their pets' digestion after feeding The Honest Kitchen's dehydrated whole foods. Another 75% of pet owners noted their pets' increased activity level and almost 59% said their pets' weight improved. Nearly 69% of respondents said they noticed a reduction in their pets' symptoms, with 35% saying they were able to reduce their pets' medication. About 70% of those polled noted an improvement in their pets' skin and coat after eating the petfood, and nearly half (49.5%) said their pets' itchiness improved.

“There is a strong, direct correlation between the foods pets eat and how healthy they are,” said Lucy Postins, founder and chief executive. “Many pet owners notice that their pets’ health improves on a fresh, minimally processed diet, and these statistics from our most recent survey are really representative of the feedback we've been receiving from our customers (and their vets) since our company was founded almost nine years ago.”

The survey was distributed, recorded and analyzed by The Honest Kitchen. Customers used The Honest Kitchen as their pets’ sole diet or as a component of a varietal approach to feeding, the company says, and more than 50% of the respondents have used The Honest Kitchen for more than one year.

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