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New probiotic production method tested by researchers in Germany

Researchers from the Technical University of Munich, Germany, developed a gentle production method for probiotics, which they say will allow for use of a wider range of probiotic strains in foods and feed.

Currently, probiotic bacteria are mostly freeze-dried, though not all probiotic strains can withstand this production method. The production process developed by TCM researchers, called low temperature vacuum drying, runs under milder conditions and is also more environmentally friendly.

Researchers tested LTVD production three probiotic bacterial strains. Researchers first determined the optimal LTVD conditions and then, compared results with conventional freeze-drying, showing a higher survival rate among probiotic strains than conventional drying methods.

The LTVD production process holds the product in a liquid state because evaporation in a vacuum takes place at low temperatures. The LTVD production method requires 40% less energy in comparison to freeze-drying, researchers claim.

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