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Former FDA member challenges FSMA petfood regulations

According to Benjamin England, founder and CEO of, food importers and foreign manufacturers are in for a surprise starting October 1, when a provision of the Food Safety Modernization Act becomes effective requiring the US Food and Drug Administration collect a fee for costs associated with re-inspection of imported food shipments. England is currently launching a coalition of interested manufacturers and food importers to challenge FDA’s broad interpretation of this FSMA provision.

England says the re-inspection fees will cripple the food industry, leaving no other choice but to pass the costs on to consumers. In its Federal Register notice issued August 1, FDA invited comments about the re-inspection fees, which will be accepted until October 31. England points out that the fees, however, will go into effect 30 days before the comment period has closed. Through his coalition, England is working with petfood manufacturers to officially comment on and rally against these new fees.

England, a former 17-year FDA member, will speak about the Food Safety Modernization Act and the FDA re-inspection fees at the upcoming Virtual Petfood Forum 2011 on October 6. Those interested in attending Virtual Petfood Forum can register online to learn more about the Food Safety Modernization Act and other issues affecting the petfood industry.

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