Pet Food News founders launch successful petfood delivery site using marketing knowledge

Just over a year ago the petfood delivery service was launched, yet the petfood delivery service has been so successful that it now does more than US$1 million in business every month, according to a recent blog that tells the retailer's success story.

One reason has been so successful is that the founders, Alex Zhardanovsky and Joe Speiser, found a niche in a market that is growing, despite a tough economy. Another reason for the success is that Zhardanovsky and Speiser already had a background in Internet marketing before starting the company. The two used a 40% share of their proceeds from the sale of their company, Azoogle, to start The use of marketing schemes like online petfood coupons, flyers, Facebook and search/banner marketing to advertise the petfood delivery service to the pet industry. Through the use of images of cute puppies, kittens and other animals, PetFlow created ad campaigns that appeal directly to its customers.

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