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Bakers petfood brand airs TV ad aimed at dogs in UK

A new petfood commercial recently aired in the UK featuring high-pitched tones that only dogs can hear, which the petfood company hopes will make dogs bark and make pet owners pay attention to the dog food product being advertised.

The commercial, by Nestle Purina's Bakers pet food brand, airs tones above 18,000 Hz that are inaudible to humans, but sound like a dog whistle to dogs. The minute-long commercial also includes normal tones that humans can hear as well, such as whistling, barking and bell ringing.

"With these special sounds we hope this delivers enjoyment for both dogs and their owners," said Mark Zaki, brand manager for Bakers.

Bakers tested the advertisement by playing it to 12 dogs that were distracted by a toy, and researchers found that all 12 of the dogs reacted to the commercial's high-pitched tones, according to a report.

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