Pet Food News launches new features for pet owners

Pet360 Inc. has launched the next generation of, a website for pet owners that contains expert articles and resources, an community of other pet owners and a large online selection of pet supply brands.

The site provides a personalized experience for each member based on their pet's type, breed, gender, age, size and medical conditions. New features include:

  • Pet360 Library, containing educational resources developed by veterinarians and other pet care experts, as well as a series of blogs;
  • Pet360 Community, a place for members to meet others with similar pets, share their experiences and photos, ask questions, give advice, promote and support animal shelters and rescue groups;
  • Pet360 Shop, which provides members suggestions for petfood, treats, toys and medications that are right for their pets; and
  • Pet360 Safety Center, which alerts members when a brand or product they use has been recalled, as well as enables members to set reminders for vet appointments, flea and tick applications, prescription refills and more.

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