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Startup dog food company looks to enter national petfood market

A new startup petfood company, TurboPup, is hoping to make petfood more convenient for people who take their dogs out travelling with them and people on-the-go.

Kristina Guerrero and Brandon Sylvester started the petfood company after having trouble packing enough dog food for their dog when they took it along with them on skiing and camping trips. The company offers 500-calorie meal bars, mostly currently distributed by retailers in Oregon, USA.

However, realizing their customer base was much broader than just outdoor enthusiasts, Guerrero and Sylvester just signed Backcountry K-9 as a national distributor and are now aiming to sell the petfood bars at a range of other retail outlets.

The bars are currently produced in a specially created kitchen at the couple's home in La Pine, Oregon, USA. The couple also packages and ships the bars themselves, but realize they may have to give up production once the bars are sold nationally. "We'd love to grow to a point where we don't make the bars," Guerrero said.

The all-natural bars are wheat-free and come in bacon flavor, but cheddar and grain-free peanut butter flavors will also be offered in the future. Guerrero says an 80- to 100-pound dog would need four servings over the course of a day, though it is not dog food to be used on a regular, daily basis.

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