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SupplySide Animal Nutrition Insights offers free report on animal nutrition market

SupplySide Animal Nutrition Insights offers a free report, Animal Nutrition Market Poised for Growth, which details how ingredient suppliers and petfood and feed manufacturers have been trying to stay ahead of the changing market.

Among highlights, the report notes companies like Prinova, which acquired Crest Feed Flavors in 2009 and committed to manufacturing palatability-enhancement compounds for the livestock, equine and pet markets. Other companies noted include Kemin, DuPont and Novus International.

According to Melinda Culver, Ph.D., DVM, scientific affairs manager of biosciences, Abitec Corp., pet owners are applying lessons learned from their own health to their pets, mirroring the human supplement/nutrition market.

Paul Dijkstra, CEO of InterHealth Nutraceuticals, sees growth in joint health; while Ingmar Middelbos, companion animal research manager at Stratum Nutrition, suggested urinary tract health and skin and coat conditions are prevalent conditions to address. Additionally, Guy Miller, Ph.D., president of BioMatrix International, says he does a lot of business with prebiotics, but said the future will be probiotics, omega-3s and products containing a mixture of ingredients with a synergistic effect.

Despite the market growth, experts acknowledge limitations, including regulatory guidelines and raw material availability.

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