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Dog owners purchasing premium petfood in spite of economy

Dog owners continue to buy premium petfood in spite of the current economic climate, according to a survey conducted by online pet supplies store GJW Titmuss. The survey results indicate that 74% of dog owners purchase top-quality, premium petfood products. Twenty-eight percent of owners buy specialty food for their dogs due to skin problems, weight issues, sensitive stomachs or old age.

The questionnaire indicated that "quality" over "cost" is the most important factor when choosing suitable dog food-61% chose quality while 9% chose cost and 7% chose brand. Other key findings:

  • 85% of people who purchase from GJW solely use the Internet to purchase petfood; 15% purchase both online and in stores; less than 1% purchase directly from veterinarians
  • Chicken (60.9%) and lamb (36.32%) were the most popular flavors of dog food; duck (8.33%) and rabbit (7.08%) were the least common
  • 81.66% of people purchase treats for their dogs
  • 94% of dog owners believe their dog is of "average" weight

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