Yucca schidigera and waste-odor control in dogs and cats


Some petfood companies add some kind of Yucca schidigera preparation to their products as basis for a claim on waste-odor control. Preparations may consist of the shredded plant pulverized and ground, may be found in the form of a powder or granulate, or may be derived from juice extracted from yucca fibers.

Several studies have been conducted in both dogs and cats determining the effectiveness of Yucca schidigera in petfood. Overall, it was found that Yucca ingestion generally improves the character and intensity of canine and feline aroma. The overall decrease in fecal offensiveness is 26%. Studies indicate that a dose of 125 mg Yucca schidigera preparation/kg dry food generally is effective, but higher doses might have more impact. The efficacy of Yucca schidigera will also depend on type of preparation and food composition.

Source:  Anton C. Beynen and Daniëlle H.J. Saris, 2014. Beating odour with Yucca schidigera. All About Feed, February 2014.

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