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Jonker Petfood offers new petfood using insects as protein source

Jonker Petfood BV, a private label petfood manufacturer based in the Netherlands, is offering a new dog food with insects as the only animal source of protein, the company says.

The new product, launched at Interzoo 2014, has a "base of 100% insect protein," Jonker says. The types of insect making up the protein are not named; the company also did not say if the dog food is immediately available.

Other ingredients in the dog food include "puffed" corn, "unlocked" rice, oats, sorghum, eggs and egg derivatives, vitamins and minerals.

The new dog food is one of a very few insect-based petfood products on the market. Insects are being studied as a possible protein source for both human foods and petfood as the demand for protein rises along with the populations of both people and pets.

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