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Bühler Aeroglide to hold drying theory seminar

Bühler Aeroglide will hold a drying seminar in Cary, North Carolina, on December 9–11, 2014. The seminar aims to help participants learn and apply drying theory to enhance the performance of processing equipment and improve product quality.

“Our most recent drying theory seminar in Barcelona helped European participants understand drying and apply knowledge to their own specific products and processing operations,” said Joe Tordella, manager of field engineering at Bühler Aeroglide. “Each time, our goal is to teach particular skills needed to evaluate drying operations and produce a baseline of improvements regardless of a dryer’s make or model. In the end, participants should be able to go back and train their own colleagues on best drying procedures to improve efficiency, increase production and achieve optimum product quality.”

"Drying Theory Put to Practice" explores drying basics including parameters, balancing, evaluating, mechanical inspections and troubleshooting with a dryer simulation. By learning how to adjust and regulate the process for the desired outcome, participants find hidden areas of opportunity in the drying process. In the long run, this can mean large savings and increased capacity, according to Bühler Aeroglide. The company also provides site evaluations to establish baselines for these improvements.

The three-day-interactive training program was created for plant managers, project managers, plant engineers and quality control personnel. It also teaches advanced drying concepts and measurement practices in a hands-on lab session combined with advance calculation methods used for dryer sizing. On day two, the class gets to address a mystery product and develop an out-of-the-box approach to solve a drying issue. For more information and to register, please contact Carolyn Gill at Buhler Aeroglide headquarters at +1.919.851.2000 or email

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