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Extrusion Porosification Technology pilot launches

Clextral, DIANA Pet Food, LIS (Lesaffre Ingrédients Services) and Triballat?Noyal have worked for several months on setting up an Extrusion Porosification Technology (EPT) pilot in Europe. This partnership will soon lead to the creation of a research and development line based in Western France (Cérences?Manche) in the premises of LIS.

EPT is a new drying technology and breakthrough innovation developed and patented by Clextral, a division of Groupe Legris Industries.

This process consists in producing new generation porous powders with improved functional properties (rehydration, flowability, etc.). The applications are extremely varied, and can range from powdered milk to instant coffee, with a wide variety of food ingredients. EPT is used to dry very viscous products and generates 20?40% energy savings compared to the conventional spray drying method.

This collaborative project brings major food industry names, such as DIANA Pet Food, LIS and Triballat?Noyal, together with Clextral. A new pilot will be set up offering the latest advances in a unique intensification technology which has the potential to revolutionize conventional drying methods.

 Starting in 2016, this pre?industrialization pilot line will also be available to other food manufacturers who will be able to perform new product development tests and improve dehydration processes through EPT technology. 

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