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Freshpet introduces new line of cat food

Freshpet Inc. has introduced a new line of fresh cat food that includes a variety of forms and flavors, now available at Walmart stores.

Like all Freshpet foods, these new recipes are made in the US using fresh, all-natural ingredients. Freshpet never includes fillers, by-products, or processed meats in their foods, and no ingredients come from China. Unlike traditional dry and wet/canned cat food, each recipe is gently cooked at lower temperatures to retain essential vitamins and nutrients naturally found in the ingredients. As a result, Freshpet cat food is less processed than conventional offerings and kept fresh in the fridge without the use of artificial or chemical preservatives. And, just like fresh, human foods, all Freshpet foods include a “freshest if sold by” date and must be used within days of opening.

“We carefully craft our recipes in the Freshpet Kitchens with evolving pet parents’ needs in mind. We know more and more pet parents are looking for healthier meal solutions that will help their pets live fuller, happier lives,” said Richard Thompson, Freshpet director and CEO. “We are excited to add to our cat food offerings, so now even more cats can experience the benefits of eating a less processed diet made of fresh meats and vegetables.”

Freshpet’s cat food line includes:

  • Bagged Meals for Cats – Freshpet offers two flavors of fresh meals for cats available in 1 and 2 lb. re-sealable bags. The tender, little meatballs are made of fresh chicken or beef accented with vitamin-rich spinach and carrots.
  • Slice & Serve Rolls for Cats – Freshpet’s slice & serve dog food rolls have been best sellers for years, and now they offer a gourmet, paté-style variety just for cats available in a 1 lb. roll.
  • Cat Cups in Gravy – For the gravy lovers out there, these recipes include bite-size morsels made of fresh chicken, beef or fish blended together with garden vegetables. The convenient, 4.5 oz. re-sealable cups are great for multiple servings or multi-cat households.

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