Our January 2016 issue of Petfood Industry magazine featured pet food industry experts who provided their predictions about the state of the pet food industry throughout the year.

A little more than halfway through the year, we checked in with them again to find out which of their predictions came true.

This month's issue of Petfood Industry magazine includes their take on how these predictions have played out, including predictions that:

The premium pet food category would be a great investment for companies to expand their offerings in the category.
This prediction has definitely panned out, as the premium pet food category overall, which includes freeze-dried, raw and fresh pet foods, has grown twice as fast as pet food overall in the past 10 years.

Pet parents would continue to become more and more involved in their pets' nutrition.
Again, our industry experts were right on the money with this prediction, as consumers demand healthy, safe and innovative products available in an engaging and authentic shopping experience.

Technology would become more prevelant in the pet food industry.
This trend continues in the industry, with customers demanding online ordering, digital coupons, online promotions and purchasing via multiple devices including smartphones and tablets.

Read more details about pet food trends in 2016 in this month's digital edition of Petfood Industry magazine.