Fetch for Pets! added TurboPUP K9 Superfood Snacks to 1,750 Kroger stores across the country. Fetch for Pets! and TurboPUP founder, Kristina Guerrero, began their partnership after Guerrero’s successful 2015 "Shark Tank" pitch, where she landed a $100,000 investment from business mogul, Daymond John. Since then, TurboPUP’s highly popular K9 Meal Bars have made waves at pet retailers nationwide.

TurboPUP K9 Superfood Snacks are grain-free, all-natural, baked treats formulated with functional ingredients to provide dogs with the antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals which may reduce the risk of chronic diseases and prolong life. The snacks are made in the US and come in four flavors, each with added health benefit claims. The grilled lamb and pumpkin aids in digestion. The roast duck and kale benefits canine hips and joints. Salmon and sweet potato provide nutrients specially formulated for a healthy skin and coat. The roast beef and blueberry contain ingredients to promote pup health and wellness.

Guerrero and Fetch for Pets! were featured in the "Shark Tank" follow up show, "Beyond the Tank," which aired on ABC in April 2016. The show focused on sharing Kristina’s journey over the last year bringing TurboPUP from the small town of La Pine, Oregon to pets across the nation.

“I worked with a veterinarian who was a fellow military veteran to create snacks that will make pet owners feel good about rewarding their dogs,” Guerrero stated in a press release.

Functional ingredients

As pet food becomes increasingly specialized, with manufacturers catering to consumers’ desires to meet the individual needs of their pets, functional ingredients are becoming more of a trend than ever. “High omega” pet food formulas, for example, are purchased by 14 percent of dog owners and 10 percent of cat owners in the US, according to a March 2016 Packaged Facts report, Pet food in the US. Roughly 11 percent of dog owners and 8 percent of cat owners purchase foods with “high antioxidant” claims, while 7 percent of dog owners and 6 percent of cat owners look for foods with probiotics/prebiotics. According to another March 2016 Packaged Facts report, Senior, weight management and special needs pet products in the US, second edition, the company estimated that US retail sales of senior, weight management and special needs pet products neared US$3.8 billion in 2015.