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Mark Mendal of Pet Proteins presents a technical session during a previous Petfood Forum. For Petfood Forum 2017, organizers are seeking abstracts for noncommercial presentations, due September 30, 2016. l John Grossman, Images Photographics
on August 2, 2016

Petfood Forum 2017 announces call for papers

Exclusive global pet food conference seeks noncommercial abstracts by September 30, 2016.

The Petfood Forum 2017 content advisory board is seeking abstracts for noncommercial oral presentations, due September 30, 2016.

Petfood Forum 2017 is scheduled for April 3-5 at the Kansas City Convention Center in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Being reviewed are abstracts for technical sessions focusing on:

  • New research on companion animal nutrition;
  • Novel ingredients and their potential applications in pet food or treat formulations;
  • Data, trends and predictions for the pet food market, including opportunities for innovation;
  • New retailing information pertinent to the selling or distribution of pet food;
  • New information or ideas for marketing pet food, including via social media;
  • New information, techniques or processes for new product development;
  • Update on regulatory information relevant to pet food in the US or other markets;
  • New research, technology or processes for pet food production;
  • New research, technology or other information on pet food packaging;
  • New, specific information on one focused aspect of pet food safety (no general overviews of regulations or pet food safety programs).

All abstracts/topics submitted should be exclusive to Petfood Forum 2017. An advisory board of pet food industry experts will evaluate all submissions for relevance of topic; originality and presence of new or innovative information, concepts or research; proposed speaker’s experience or background with the topic, as well as previous speaking experience; and lack of commercialization or promotion.

For complete information and the link to submit, visit the Petfood Forum website.

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