From Petfood Industry:
Bloggers and columnists for Petfood Industry recently shared insights on increased US pet food sales, Generation X and pet obesity.


Knowing pets boost our health leads to feeding them well

Better pet feeding and care are among the positive outcomes of a growing awareness in pet parents that pet ownership benefits human health, according to a survey recently released by the Human Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI). While this finding may seem like common sense, the survey uncovered key points that might help pet food companies in connecting with today's pet owners.

Pet food sales update: US spending up 22% in 2015

Final 2015 data on US pet food spending from the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics (USBLS) showcases a market on a seemingly endless growth trajectory: Spending increased 22.5% over 2014, by US$5.4 billion, putting total US pet food spending for 2015 at US$29.49 billion.

What is pet food's true role in pet obesity?

Headlines regarding pet obesity often follow at least one of two main themes: that many pet owners are in serious denial about their pets' weight or that pet food may play a role. Of course, these are highly inter-related, because we humans often prefer to blame something else other than our own beliefs or behavior.

Pet food's safety journey from 2007 recalls to FSMA

In less than two weeks, pet food companies with more than 500 employees must show compliance with the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) and Hazard Analysis and Preventive Controls for Food for Animals rule under the Food Safety Modernization Act, more commonly known as the FSMA animal feed preventive control rule.

Why pet food entrepreneurs are the industry's lifeblood

Here's a prescription for just about anything ailing the pet food industry or its members: Visit with pet food entrepreneurs, startups and smaller companies, and you'll quickly get a healthy reminder of why this industry is so vibrant, inspiring and fun. Recently I attended the P3 pet trade show, a new show in Chicago.

Duck in dog, cat food: The other red meat?

Duck in dog and cat food is an increasingly popular ingredient option for pet food manufacturers and owners as an alternative meat/protein source.

FDA finalizes GRAS rules for pet food ingredients

New regulations may provide those wishing to gain acceptance of new pet food ingredients a viable option with the GRAS notification process

Gen X: The great lost pet market opportunity

Research sheds some light on why Gen X has experienced a decline in dog and cat ownership and what the pet market can do to reclaim lost opportunities.