Diana Pet Food, a provider of pet food palatability, nutrition and other pet-food-related products and services, is changing its logo and brand imagery.

The graphical identities of Diana Pet Food and all its brands have been refreshed in order to highlight their positioning while ensuring an overall graphical harmony, according to a press release.

Brand names changes for Diana Pet Food divisions

Moreover, the name of Vit2be, which provides nutrition solutions intended to improve pet health and wellness, has been renamed Vivae.

Finally, the name Odalia has been created for Diana Pet Food’s new brand which develops scent products and services for the pet care market.

In the coming months, Diana Pet Food’s new image will be gradually implemented on all communication materials.

Diana Pet Food provides products and services intended to improve pet food palatability, pet health and pet food protection, and develops scent and care solutions for the pet care market. Diana Pet Food is present on five continents with 900 employees, 18 industrial sites, 18 sales offices and three expert-measurement centers gathering more than 600 cats and 250 dogs.

Diana Pet food is part of Diana, a division of the Symrise Group.

Cat taste bud cells grown in lab by Diana

Biotechnology Research and Information Network (BRAIN) AG and Diana Pet Food established proliferating cat taste cells (CTC) with the goal of performing long-term studies on the taste perception in cats. Cell proliferation refers to when a group of cells divides to create new cells more rapidly than they die off, thereby increasing in number.