Green-lipped mussels: Pet superfood if freeze dried

New Zealand green mussels are a functional novel protein, if processed by freeze drying, said one Petfood Forum 2016 speaker.

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New Zealand green-lipped mussels may be a functional, joint-health pet food ingredient and novel protein for dog and cat food, if the mussels are processed by freeze drying, said Calvin Smith of Pet Nutrition New Zealand at Petfood Forum 2016. He sees the future of freeze dried pet food as nutrient-packed, superfood nuggets, like those mussels.

“Freeze dried is fantastic, if you can get it right,” said Smith.

Smith believes that freeze dried green mussels could work as joint-health pet food ingredients in pet food toppers or infused into kibble.

Green-lipped mussels for pet joint health

Green-lipped mussels have been used to treat arthritis pain in humans, ever since they were discovered by the Maori of New Zealand, Greg Aldrich, PhD, associate professor at Kansas State University, wrote in Petfood Industry.

In dogs, only a few scientific studies have looked at the effects of green-lipped mussels on the animals’ joints, noted Aldrich. Early studies had mixed results, but eventually scientists found that freeze-dried mussels may reduce osteoarthritis symptoms in cats and dogs.

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