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Duck is a staple protein in dry dog and cat foods

Duck is a popular protein in pet food, particularly dog foods, both canned and dry. Duck has become very popular in novel protein and limited-ingredient diets. Duck and Rice, Duck and Potato or Sweet Potato, and Duck and Oats seem to be the most common pairings for dry, canned and treat products in this category. By searching the thousands of ingredient decks in the Dog and Cat Food Ingredient Center we've been able to determine the prevalence of duck and various duck products in pet food. 

duck chart 1
In July 2017, over 10 percent of dry dog food recipes had a version of duck in their recipe. Over 5 percent of recipes included "duck" or "deboned duck" in some variety. The remaining listings included bone meal and a variety of duck organs.

In canned dog food, just under 10 percent of recipes included some duck product on their recipe. 7.25% of the canned dog food listings included some form of duck meat, listed as "duck", "roasted duck" or "deboned duck". Almost 2 percent of canned dog recipes included duck broth, which was not found in any of the dry recipes. Based on the variety of duck products in both dry and canned dog food, it appears that many different parts of the duck are being used in recipes. There are more recipes using duck meat, but broth, liver, heart, cartilage and bone are in many recipes as well. 

duck chart 2

According to the Ingredients Center database more than 7 percent of dry cat food recipes include duck of some variety, either meat, bone, fat, cartilage, or organ meat. 6 percent of recipes include duck, either de-boned or not de-boned. More than 2% of recipes include duck meal of some form, and only around .1 percent of recipes include duck liver.

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