A yeast product from Lallemand Animal Nutrition —YANG (yeast association new generation) — is listed in the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) Products List. YANG is a yeast formula made up of selected yeast strains with different and complementary properties.

The product offers organic swine and aquaculture producers, as well as pet food manufacturers, a prebiotic concentrate of yeast derivatives to support animals during stressful and challenging conditions such as weaning, feed transitions and sanitary challenges.

“Lallemand Animal Nutrition is at the forefront of providing animals with microbial solutions that support their overall health and immune function,” said Jeff Ast, commercial director, Lallemand Animal Nutrition, Americas. “Thanks to cutting-edge technologies applied for the first time in this area, Lallemand R&D teams have selected yeast strains with different and complementary properties and combined them in a unique formula — YANG.”

Health benefits of yeast derivatives 

The properties of yeast derivatives — products obtained from inactivated yeast cells —include their ability to adhere to specific bacteria and help support the immune system.

A collaborative examination conducted with research institutes confirmed that these properties are highly strain-dependent and linked to the yeast genome. Lallemand specifically selected strains, including Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Torula yeast, to help balance an animal’s gastrointestinal tract microbiota and modulate its natural defenses.

According to Lallemand, trials conducted in controlled facilities and in commercial farms show beneficial effects in post-weaning piglets, shrimp and fish.

OMRI is a nonprofit organization serving the organic community by verifying inputs and other products intended for use in producing certified organic food or fiber. OMRI is a voluntary program that offers manufacturers an independent review of their products to assure compliance with organic standards. The OMRI review includes ingredient verification and evaluation of the manufacturing process.

Other uses of yeast in pet food 

The announcement from Lallemand Animal Nutrition immediately followed the launch of Versity, an yeast protein source for companion animals, by ADM Animal Nutrition. Both animal nutrition companies are tapping into the health benefits of yeast ingredients in pet food

Developed to provide nutritional flexibility in pet food and treat formulation, Versity is a highly palatable dried yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisae) alternative to traditional plant and animal proteins that delivers a profile of essential amino acids with low levels of fat and calcium.