Refrigerated dog and cat food maker Freshpet will build a pet food manufacturing facility in Ennis, Texas, USA, according to a press release from the office of Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The new facility will create 427 jobs and generate more than US$264 million in capital investment. A Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF) grant of US$2,138,000 was extended to Freshpet.

"The Lone Star State continues to attract companies like Freshpet for a reason — our economic model maximizes opportunity and minimizes stifling regulations, allowing businesses and our workforce to thrive," Abbott said in the press release.

"Our third Freshpet Kitchen is in the perfect location to help us drive new innovation while making our food in a way that’s best for pets, people and the planet," said Billy Cyr, CEO of Freshpet, in the press release. “We wanted the home of our next Kitchen to be a place that we would be proud to send our employees to live and work and Ennis blew us away with the compelling vision of their leadership, the ongoing investments they have made to their infrastructure, and the availability of top-notch talent to support our growth."

Freshpet Top Pet Food Companies Current Data

According to Petfood Industry’s Top Pet Food Companies Current Data, US-based Freshpet manufactures fresh, refrigerated dog treats and food for dogs and cats. Freshpet currently has manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania. The company continued its post-IPO growth in 2017. The company is aiming to reach US$300 million in sales by 2020. The company’s annual revenue stood at US$156,400,000 in 2017, the last year for which data was available.