Greg Aldrich, PhD

Greg Aldrich, PhD

Dr. Aldrich is president of Pet Food & Ingredient Technology Inc. He is also the author of Petfood Industry magazine's monthly column, "Ingredient Insights."


Why aren’t pet food manufacturers on the soy bandwagon?

No mainstream pet food products promote soy as a benefit for dog or cat health
Soy has become very popular in today’s human diet and health press. Newspaper and magazine articles tout the benefits of soy, and promotions for soy-enriched products seem to be everywhere, especially with the current popularity of low-carb diets.
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Protein and rice trend emerging in pet food

Is there a nutritional rationale for the popularity of rice in pet food?
While browsing at the pet food store recently, a pattern emerged that I hadn’t previously noticed: a “protein and rice” theme. There was the old standard “Lamb & Rice” which is now flanked by Chicken & Rice, Turkey & Rice, Beef & Rice, etc.
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