Wheat flour makes great biscuits for pets

Wheat flour is used in biscuits predominantly for its functional properties and host of options based on milling process and final flour product.

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Wheat flour can be an excellent choice of ingredient in producing biscuits for pets, but understanding the various types is vital to formulation success. (Sunny Forest I Shutterstock.com)

Very little wheat is used as a starch ingredient in mainstream pet food. Today, wheat flour or milling co-products mostly find their way into rotary-molded baked biscuits or treats. This goes back to the first commercial pet products where wheat was an ingredient in the original Spratt’s Patent Meat Fibrine Dog Cakes (Fraser-Miller et al., 2021). The utility of wheat in this application is its unique protein (i.e., gluten) that provides the elasticity necessary for form and the structure needed for stability and texture.

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