Locust bean gum (carob bean gum) use in canned pet foods

Locust (carob) bean gum is a GRAS additive with limited controversy that is complementary to carrageenan in canned pet foods.

Aldrich G 120x120 Headshot
Carob Bean Illustration
Locust bean gum, also known as carob bean gum, can be a valuable food additive tool in the formulation toolbox. | Barloc I

For certain types of pet food products, functional or technical ingredients like hydrocolloids are necessary. These ingredients act as thickeners or stabilizing agents and improve the outcome when producing products that are “fluids” somewhere in their manufacturing process. This is especially important for canned pet foods, where keeping all components in the mix fully suspended and achieving the right texture post-retort is vital to product quality, safety and appeal to pet owners.

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