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Diamond Pet Foods sued over alleged heavy metals, BPA

Pet owners filed a class action lawsuit against Diamond Pet Foods over the alleged presence of heavy metals, BPA and other chemicals in Diamond’s dog foods.
The plaintiffs claimed that they spent more because they expected that premium pet foods “do not contain chemicals, toxins contaminants chemicals and other unnatural ingredients.”
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Blue Buffalo pet owner household penetration grew in 2018

As of Nov. 3, 2018, Blue Buffalo retail sales hit US$26 million. Many of those sales were to new customers.
Increasing household penetration forms the foundation for Blue Buffalo’s ultimate goal to reach more pet owners and continue growth online and in stores, especially food, drug and mass market (FDM) retailers.
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Royal Canin balances online and global pet food presence

Nutrition and dietary advice doesn’t always come across online in the same way as when a pet owner works with a veterinarian.
Maintaining Royal Canin’s sweet spot in e-commerce requires striking a balance between meeting pet owners’ demands while making sure that the company maintains connections with the prescribers.
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Pet food feeding trials address breed, novel ingredients

Just as there is no data on how certain ingredients affect dogs and cats, information does not always exist on specific breeds’ nutritional needs and sensitivities.
Dog and cat food feeding trials must meet challenges posed by diets formulated to satisfy both consumers’ demands and nutritionists’ guidance.
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Blue Buffalo may shift towards wet pet food and treats

By the end of this fiscal year, Blue Buffalo plans to double FDM distribution. Meanwhile, the company is introducing new products into the FDM channel.
Blue Buffalo executives may steer the pet food brand’s product mix towards wet pet foods and treats as the company further expands in the food, drug and mass market (FDM) retail channel.
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