Tim Wall

Tim Wall covers the pet food industry as a senior reporter with WATT Global Media. Contact Wall via email at twall@wattglobal.com.



Pet food industry disconnected from public on byproducts

For years, there’s been a disconnect between the pet food industry and consumers about the value of byproducts.
Byproduct usage serves as a huge sustainability story for the pet food industry, one executive said. People in the industry take for granted that others know the same.
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US pet food e-commerce interest grew to 28% in pandemic

Online sales of dog, cat and other pet foods were already growing steadily in the Unites States before the COVID-19 pandemic restricted pet owners’ movements.
In the United States, pet owner interest in purchasing dog, cat and other pet foods online increased dramatically as the COVID-19 pandemic spread.
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WHO simulated pet cats spreading new disease among humans

If people were afraid that their fur baby could infect their flesh baby or themselves with a deadly novel disease, would the pet humanization trend continue?
What if a disease erupted that could spread from pets to people and vice versa? The World Health Organization prepared for just that scenario.
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Pandemic challenges global pet food ingredient suppliers

While movement restrictions may have hindered pet food ingredient production and delivery, one executive said his company managed to maintain on-time delivery despite lockdowns.
Despite the best efforts of any particular pet food industry business to prepare for the pandemic and deal with its effects, COVID-19 affected the entire supply chain.
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Infrastructure allows pet food ingredient supply mission

Inspiring employees to a higher purpose may have motivated them, but a pet food industry supplier needs to have the infrastructure behind that mission too.
Along with the crucial mission of providing food, many pet food industry suppliers had the infrastructure in place to make good on that goal.
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Pet food maker nutrition, quality by ingredient studied

Knight leads an ongoing survey to examine pet food manufacturers’ approaches to ensuring balanced nutrition and quality control, depending on the main ingredient type.
However, pet owners may have trepidations about novel pet food ingredients or varieties, including raw, plant protein, cell-cultured, insect, fungal or algal-based pet foods.
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