Film takes in-depth look at the petfood industry

"Pet Food: A Dog’s Breakfast," directed by Ian McLeod, is an in-depth look at the behind the scenes reality of the US$16 billion dollar petfood industry.

"Pet Food: A Dog's Breakfast," directed by Ian McLeod and produced by  Yap Films , is an in-depth look behind the scenes of the US$16 billion dollar petfood industry, according to the film company. The petfood story is told through personal experiences of pet owners who lost their pets because of the 2007 melamine petfood recall.

With one company, Menu Foods, manufacturing a significant portion of the wet petfood sold in North America, there are widespread effects when something goes wrong, according to Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins, a United States veterinarian and advocate for better petfood regulations. "Pet owners would be shocked if they knew what was going into the cans they feed their pets," explains Hodgkins.

The film contends that North American packaged and canned petfood is lacking in sufficient regulation, healthy ingredients and nutritional value.

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