Digestive health critical to a healthy immune system in pets

Exclusive Signature brand pet food proclaims August as Pet Digestive Health Month.

Studies show that up to 70% of a pet’s immune system is contained in the digestive system, making nutrition essential for maintaining the overall health of dogs and cats. To increase awareness of the importance of gastrointestinal health in pets, Exclusive Signature brand pet food with the proprietary Comfort Care Digestive Health Support System is proclaiming August as Pet Digestive Health Month. 

“A healthy microbial population in the intestinal tract is critically important to a pet’s overall well-being and can even help pets address stress from environmental changes due to poor eating decisions,” according to Michael Hayek, Ph.D., director of companion animal technical innovation. “We have extensively studied the Comfort Care Digestive Health Support System to confirm that our unique blend of ingredients helps support a healthy microbial environment in the digestive tract. This supports a strong digestive tract and fecal consistency, which is a prime marker of digestive health in dogs.”

The Comfort Care Digestive Health system, only from the makers of Exclusive Signature pet food, contains a proprietary blend of fiber, prebiotics and probiotics. This combination of beet pulp (fiber), chicory root and a proprietary yeast (prebiotics), and a specified probiotic blend has been studied and shown to help support the pet’s immune system, help optimize the microbiome and help support the digestive tract. Providing this combination in a diet will help support the digestive health of dogs and cats. 

Horse owners understand the importance of gastric health in their horses and their dogs. Exclusive Signature pet foods were developed by the same scientific team behind popular horse feeds including Strategy and Outlast  brands. 

During August, Exclusive Signature is reminding owners to take time to evaluate status of their pets’ digestive health by asking these seven questions:

1.      Is your dog’s stool soft and well-formed?

2.      Does your dog defecate regularly and about the same time of day every day?

3.      Does your dog rush to go outside after a meal?

4.      Does your dog demonstrate nervous behavior or discomfort after a meal?

5.      Have you noticed a change in your dog’s coat quality or increased itching?

6.      Does your dog have excessive flatulence?

7.      Does your dog’s tummy “rumble” excessively?

These questions provide an easy way to evaluate a pet’s potential digestive issues. “For serious conditions, there is no replacement for the advice of each pet’s veterinarian,” Dr. Hayek reminded owners. “However, it is important for owners to periodically evaluate their pet’s eating habits and identify any small changes that could lead to bigger issues if not addressed in a timely manner.”

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