Superior Farms pivots pet treats production amid meat shortages

Superior Farms pivots pet treats production amid meat shortages.

Superior Farms Pet Provisions (SFPP), the maker of natural, wholesome dog treats and chews is helping customers through a nationwide raw material shortage by substituting the brand’s popular beef-based Bark & Harvest Beauty Stix and Beauty Springz treats for traditional beef pizzle (a.k.a. bull penis).


As meat processing facilities in the United States face labor shortages, the production of lower priority by-product items such as beef pizzles has been on the decline. Growing pressure on supply has more than doubled raw material prices and left many pet treat manufacturers scrambling for raw material. To keep production moving, Superior Farms Pet Provisions is turning to alternative sources.


“Our product development strategy is based on creating natural, healthy alternatives to traditional dog treats,” said Ken Wilks, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SFPP. “We were able to side-step this looming shortage on pizzles while keeping our customers’ shelves stocked with more exciting products that pets will love just as much.” 


Bark & Harvest Beauty Chews feature the same popular attributes as beef pizzle; they have an appealing taste, they’re long-lasting and they soften during chewing for increased palatability. 


Beauty Stix and Beauty Springz offer additional benefits that beef pizzle does not, such as the collagen super supplement and a higher chew value for the price. For sales inquiries, email [email protected].




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