Dog-O’s now available to retailers

Dog-O’s is now available to retailers.

Marcoot Jersey Creamery, based in America’s heartland of Greenville, Illinois, is thrilled to announce its fast-selling Dog-O’s line of USA cheese dog treats, chews and bites is now available to retailers, buyers and wholesale account partners across the U.S. at

With adding the new Dog-O’s Cheesy Chompers with REAL USA Bacon and also new Dog-O’s Cheese Bites (refrigerated and raw-friendly) in March 2022, the company continues to innovate and expand offerings for pet specialty retailers and their customers across the USA.

“Having our Dog-O’s product lines available at is a great option for busy pet retailers seeking the convenience of ordering high-quality products from anywhere,” states Amy Marcoot, co-owner of Marcoot Jersey Creamery.  “We are grateful for how independent pet retailers have welcomed our 100% USA Cheese products into their stores, and we are thrilled to offer more ways retailers can order and stock our fresh-sourced, raw diet-friendly cheese dog treats for their dog-passionate customers.”

The Original Dog-O’s Cheesy Chompers is the brainchild of Marcoot Jersey Creamery’s dynamic sister-duo, 7th generation family farmers and cheese experts Amy Marcoot and Beth Marcoot Young. The products are 100% locally and fresh-sourced cheese produced at the family farm in Greenville, Illinois, and are available now to pet specialty retailers and distributors across the USA. 

Dog-O’s inaugural products--Cheesy Chompers and now NEW Cheesy Chompers with Real Bacon--are also available to retailers in eye-catching, shelf-friendly PDQ displays also available for retailers. The company is also launching its new frozen dog treats in 2022, which are also raw-friendly. Educational training materials for retailers are also available from the company to help promote new/repeat business.

Transition into the pet industry was natural for the owners and two Marcoot sisters, Beth and Amy Marcoot, from their seventh-generation dairy farm. Proudly woman-owned, Dog-O’s was inspired by the two sisters, alongside their lifelong best friend and business partner, Audie Wall. This trio drew inspiration from their lifelong love of their pets and their passion for farming and producing the highest quality cheese for people and families across the U.S.  

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