Purina Pro Plan partners with athlete Chloe Kim

Purina Pro Plan teams up with Chloe Kim to launch campaign.

Purina Pro Plan is teaming up with professional snowboarder Chloe Kim and her dog Reese to kick off the Pro Plan Million Mile Challenge, a movement encouraging people to get active with their dogs and discover how Pro Plan Sport's game-changing nutrition fuels dogs' active lifestyles.

Starting April 19, whether it's running, hiking, or even going for a swim, dog owners nationwide can track miles with their dog on activity logging app Strava and contribute to one million collective miles. Visit the Pro Plan Sport Hub to register now.

"As an athlete, I know that my performance starts with the nutrition I put in my body, and the same is true for my dog, Reese," said Kim. "I'm excited to team up with Pro Plan to launch the Pro Plan Million Mile Challenge because Reese and I love staying active together, and Pro Plan Sport gives her the strength and stamina to conquer any adventure."

As a part of the Million Mile Challenge, Pro Plan Sport is donating up to $100,000 (ten cents for every mile logged between April 19, 2022, and May 17, 2022) to Athletes for Animals, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that connects athletes with a shared passion for animals and focuses its efforts on protecting the welfare of homeless pets nationwide.

"We are so excited to shine a light on the incredible bond between people and their active dogs with the Pro Plan Million Mile Challenge," said Kristen Beckerle, senior brand manager at Purina. "This is the perfect way for dog owners to enjoy outdoor adventures together, contribute to a great cause, and see first-hand how it all starts with the fine-tuned nutrition of Pro Plan Sport."

Formulated for active, athletic dogs, Pro Plan Sport Performance formulas feature an optimized protein-to-fat ratio, real meat as the #1 ingredient and high-quality nutrition specialized for each life stage. It also includes new formulas for senior dogs and puppies. So, you can feel confident you're fueling your dog's best throughout his active, adventurous life.

To learn more about Pro Plan Sport, or to sign up for the Pro Plan Million Mile Challenge, visit proplansport.com. Help make a difference and get moving today.


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