Dogs dental health becoming a priority

WHIMZEES supporting canine oral health.

Health and wellbeing remain important for Gen Z and millennials, especially at the beginning of a new year, but now next gen pet parents are prioritizing more specific health goals: their dog's dental health. According to a recent survey by WHIMZEES by Wellness, maker of all-natural daily dental treats for dogs, 77% of Gen Z and millennial pet parents ages 18-41 say they rank dental care equally as important for themselves as their dog when considering top health concerns, with approximately 61% prioritizing their dog's dental care just as much as they prioritize their own.1 While brushing our teeth is easy, why is establishing and keeping up with a dental routine for our dogs so challenging?

WHIMZEES by Wellness all-natural dental treats help make prioritizing doggy dental health easier and more enjoyable for pets and their parents.

More than half (58%) of pet parents surveyed share that their dog has either given them the side-eye or ran away (41%) at the sight of a toothbrush. Dogs aren't alone–when tasked with brushing dogs' teeth, human counterparts would prefer to smell their dog's breath than attempt to brush fido's teeth each morning, suggesting that toothbrush troubles are impacting their routines and perhaps even their doggy relationships. Additional findings include:

  • Knowing the Signs: Less than one-half (44%) of Gen Z and Millennial pet parents say they could list the signs of periodontal disease to their veterinarian, which include discoloration, broken or loose teeth, super stinky breath, reduced appetite and inflamed gums.
  • Impacts on relationships: Almost half (49%) of those surveyed know someone who has made comments about another pet parent's dog having bad breath, and nearly 40% say a dog's bad breath could prevent them from getting to know their owner more.
  • "Ruff" Nights: Almost one-third (31%) of those surveyed report that their dog's bad smelling breath has woken them up out of their sleep.

WHIMZEES by Wellness all-natural dental treats help make prioritizing doggy dental health easier and more enjoyable for pets and their parents, combining the joy of a treat with health benefits that support healthy teeth and gums. By giving just one WHIMZEES treat a day, dogs get twice the cleaning power because WHIMZEES last three times longer to provide more cleaning time when compared to a leading competitor.2 They are thoughtfully engineered with grooves and ridges to provide dogs with both chomping and cleaning, making WHIMZEES the treat that treats them well.

"Pet parents want to prioritize their dogs' dental health, but don't want to be discouraged by those challenging toothbrushing experiences," said Dr. Danielle Bernal, veterinarian with WHIMZEES by Wellness. "Dental disease affects 80% of adult dogs and 96% of senior dogs3, so there's no better time than Pet Dental Health Month to start a proper routine. Dental health can impact your dog's overall health and, in turn, all you do together. By incorporating a daily dental chew like WHIMZEES by Wellness, pet parents can ensure they're treating their dogs well by supporting their healthy smile and helping them live happier and healthier lives together."

WHIMZEES by Wellness dental treats are conveniently available at pet specialty retailers, national retailers and online. To learn more about WHIMZEES by Wellness and find them near you, visit



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