Campfire Treats announces new humane dog treats

Fifteen new Certified Humane dog treats and chews are available with more planned.

Leading all-natural dog treat manufacturer, Campfire Treats is proud to announce the addition of Certified Humane dog treats to its product range.

In response to increasing consumer demand for better treatment of farm animals, Campfire Treats is introducing 15 new Certified Humane dog treats and chews. The initial lineup includes single-ingredient beef jerky and Hearty Bites training treats, with more products planned for release throughout the year.

Recent surveys show a growing concern among consumers regarding the welfare of animals raised for food. With three out of four Americans expressing concern, and nearly 90% of pet food shoppers willing to prioritize higher welfare standards, Campfire Treats is meeting the demand for ethically sourced products.

Marko Wittich, president & co-founder of Campfire Treats, expressed pride in the company's expanded offering, stating, "We're thrilled to provide our animal-loving customers with over 20 welfare-certified dog treats and chews, making us one of the leaders in this space."

The Certified Humane Raised and Handled logo guarantees that all meat-based ingredients in Campfire Treats products come from producers meeting stringent welfare standards. These standards ensure animals are never confined to cages, crates or tie stalls and are able to express natural behaviors.

Mimi Stein, executive director of Certified Humane, emphasized the importance of higher welfare standards, stating, "Shoppers are demanding better treatment for animals, even in pet food. We're pleased to collaborate with Campfire Treats to ensure their products align with responsible animal practices."

The certification process for the Certified Humane label is rigorous, earning recognition from leading animal welfare groups such as Compassion in World Farming and the ASPCA. Nancy Roulston, senior director of corporate policy & animal scientist at ASPCA Farm Animal Welfare, praised Campfire Treats for its commitment to animal welfare.

Compassion in World Farming's Anna Sostarecz also commended Campfire Treats for obtaining the certification, urging other pet food companies to follow suit in creating a more humane food system.

In light of misleading claims on pet food packaging, Campfire Treats encourages consumers to look for credible third-party certifications like Certified Humane or Global Animal Partnership (G.A.P.).

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