7 most popular pet food Ingredient Issues articles

Pet food buyers demand new and nutritious ingredients in their animals’ foods. These seven articles explore popular trends in pet food formulation.

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Photo by Andrea Gantz
Photo by Andrea Gantz
  1. Choline chloride: Putting the essential nutrient choline chloride into pet food formulas can have profound effects on the way the ingredients are combined and processed during production.
  2. Cellulose: Pet foods containing high levels of cellulose are typically intended for weight management, diabetes and hairball control to name a few.
  3. Natural antioxidants: Naturally preserved pet foods have been a strong growth segment of the pet food market for over a decade. 
  4. Meat and bone meal: Meat and bone meal was once a staple animal protein in pet food, added to corn or wheat to produce a decent quality food.
  5. Peas in pet food: In some cases, peas take a prominent position on pet food ingredient panels.
  6. Alfalfa: The use of this forage in some dog and cat foods has created questions with consumers—specifically, whether alfalfa is an ingredient that belongs in these foods.
  7. Meat and novel proteins: Demand for meats and novel proteins in pet foods puts ingredient supply at the pinch-point for future growth and new product introductions.

To learn more about specific components of pet food, visit the Petfood Industry Knowledge Center, a collection of premium content for pet food industry professionals. This library contains more than 100 articles by nutritionist Greg Aldrich, PhD, published in Petfood Industry since 2005. Articles cover specific ingredients that are grouped by category. 

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