Petfood Innovation Workshop to focus on novel proteins

Hands-on seminar helps pet food makers learn to use novel and exotic proteins to meet consumers’ demand for high-meat, protein-focused pet food products.

Petfood Innovation Workshop Fall16

Pet food professionals can learn how to incorporate novel and exotic proteins into pet treats and food during the Petfood Innovation Workshop and Kansas State University (KSU) Pet Food Experience September 13-15. Held on KSU’s main campus in Manhattan, Kansas, USA, this hands-on event provides an immersive experience in creating unique new pet food products that can meet today’s demand for high meat and a focus on protein.

Pet food industry ingredient and technology suppliers will lead participants through making pet treats and other pet food products with novel proteins such as stabilized rice bran, pork protein powder, spray-dried plasma, exotic animals and vegetables. The Workshop stations, conducted on September 15, will also explore various formats of pet treats and other products—including raw and freeze dried, jerkies, meat snacks, extruded pet food, biscuits and soft-moist and formed treats—and the technologies required to produce them.

On September 14, the KSU Pet Food Experience will feature the university’s faculty, students and other experts presenting their latest research on pet jerky treat safety, sorghum-based pet food, comparative species resistant starch nutrition and other topics. The lunchtime keynote speaker will be Jeff Gill, founder of Tallgrass Brewery Co. in Manhattan, describing his business story and how others can turn their ideas and passion into a successful business.

Other activities include a student research poster session, the opportunity to interview KSU students for jobs or internships, and a dine-around where participants can choose among several dinner discussions held at various Manhattan restaurants.

Registration is currently open for both Petfood Innovation Workshop and the KSU Pet Food Experience.

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