Well-being starts with stability-The probiotic for premium dry food

Learn why Actisaf® Sc 50 PET is the ideal new generation probiotic for premium dry foods, improving cat and dog digestive health.

Image courtesy of Phileo by Lesaffre
Image courtesy of Phileo by Lesaffre

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Wherever they live with dogs or cats, pet parents expect to have access to complete and balanced foods which encourage healthy intestines and long-lasting well-being in their furry companions. Good health is demonstrated by correct fecal consistency, alongside sound  evidence of vitality and appetite.

When it comes to digestive health, probiotics are today’s masterpieces; their range of action modes allows coverage of all major elements  of intestinal care. Between 2017 and 2021, the demand for dog probiotics by pet parents has doubled, according to Google. To a lesser extent, cat parent demand has also increased.

Native Phileo probiotics google

Source:  GlobalPETS newsletter, April 2022

The Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization define probiotics as ‘orally administered live microorganisms that, when consumed in adequate amounts, confer health benefits on the host’.

By this definition, to obtain the adequate amount, stability and viability are prerequisites in  keeping micro-organisms alive and enabling them to deliver maximum benefit to the host.

It is therefore key to ensure that the probiotic will be appropriately delivered via food, and then from the food to the gut!

Actisaf® Sc 50 PET - the new probiotic for premium dry food

Actisaf® Sc 50 PET is a unique yeast probiotic, specifically selected for dogs and cats from Phileo by Lesaffre’s rich collection of natural proprietary strains.

Based on its expertise in strain biotechnology and food technology application, Phileo by Lesaffre has selected Actisaf® Sc 50 PET (CNCM 5660) as a Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast strain, specifically formulated to address technological challenges in relation to pet foods. Actisaf® Sc50 PET has been specifically designed in patent pending, micropearl form to be blended with premium palatants before dry food coating.

Actisaf® Sc 50 PET can solve the first technical challenge of probiotic viability in petfood

The viability of Actisaf® Sc 50 PET was tested in a blend with powder palatant for coating on dry food, and for both dogs and cats.

On dry dog food, this innovative probiotic showed a record-breaking viability of 18 months, solving the challenge of stability which often prevents the use of probiotic claim.

Native Phileo dog viability results

The same trials were run on cat dry foods. Stability was proven to be even longer than for dog food: a bit more than to 2 years!

This improvement, compared to dog recipes, is seemingly due to the classically lower water component of cat diets.

Native Phileo viability cat dry food

The value of Actisaf® Sc 50 PET for petfood producers is that they are, from now on, able to guarantee probiotic stability throughout the usual shelf life of dry food (18 months), thus securing claim validity to end-consumers and supply chain convenience for both dog and cat foods.

Actisaf® Sc 50 PET can also solve the second stability challenge, from mouth to gut.

Once viability is secured in the food, the second step is to check viability from the pet’s mouth to the gut action site.

If the strain is not well adapted and the live cell is prematurely killed upon ingestion, its metabolic activity can be lost before any beneficial effect has a chance to begin.

Once ingested, probiotics are exposed to extreme conditions as they pass through the digestive system:

  1. Harsh stomach environment, characterized by very low pH
  2. Bile acids, secreted early in the duodenum
  3. Pancreatin

To evaluate the resistance of Actisaf® Sc50 PET in relation to these three points, Phileo by Lesaffre launched different assays, based on standard and widely recognized in vitro methodologies.

Native Phileo GI resistance

Actisaf® Sc50 PET is resistant to stomach pH, bile and pancreatin, and is thus stable in the pet’s gastrointestinal tract. 

Having solved all viability challenges, Actisaf® Sc 50 PET was then tested and validated by pet parents to obtain the full value chain.

On the subject of end consumers, the final purchase decision is in the hands of pet parents, so it is key to evaluate how Actisaf® Sc50 PET is appreciated when owners see benefits in their furry companions.

Phileo by Lesaffre partnered with Panelis to carry out home-based studies on dogs and cats (considered digestion sensitive by their owners) which had been supplemented with Actisaf® Sc 50 PET.

Studies were first carried out to evaluate ideal pet digestive health, as perceived by owners, and the different key signals pet parents use to assess this. Then, a protocol was developed to measure the progressive efficiency of Actisaf® Sc 50 PET, as perceived by pet owners over a 6-week period:

  • Pets were fed with Actisaf® Sc 50 PET for the first three weeks.
  • Supplementation was then stopped for the following three weeks to measure potential long-lasting benefits.

Dog in home evaluation

102 pet parents who considered their dogs to have sensitive digestive health, agreed to evaluate progress  in their own households.

Native Phileo participant profile

Dog owners perceived weekly improvements in their pets’ digestive health!

 63% of owners reported improvements when questioned at the end of the cure. Specific benefits related to stool consistency, appetite, and the reduction of gas and belly sounds.

Native Phileo dog digestive health

As a specific example, dogs’ stool consistency improves week after week thanks to Actisaf® Sc 50 PET supplementation.

Native Phileo fecal consistency

With Actisaf® Sc50 PET, 90% of dogs show good feces consistency.

Actisaf® Sc 50 PET is clearly reaching the targeted action site quickly and displaying its benefits, to the great satisfaction of pet parents.

Cat in home evaluation

94 pet parents, attentive to digestive health, also agreed to evaluate the outcome in their own households.

Native Phileo cat participant profile

62% of owners saw improvements in cat digestive health after the first week, with further progression after the second one.

Native Phileo cat digestive health

Actisaf® Sc50 PET supplementation shows noticeable improvement in stool consistency from its  initial condition of being ‘very wet but not liquid’. Indeed, this type of stool significantly decreases after 21 days of treatment and is still lower than the initial condition even 21 days after the end of treatment. The grade of stool with well-defined shapes increases constantly during the cure and stabilizes after the supplementation stops.

Native Phileo cat fecal consistency

A progressive and significant weekly evolution in stool odor is apparent, according to the owners, during the treatment:

A significant number of cat owners noticed that stool odor was ‘more pleasant’ than usual.

Native Phileo cat odor quality

Overall, 70% of cat owners consider that the supplement is effective in terms of their pet’s general condition.

Actisaf® Sc 50 PET is the ideal new generation probiotic for premium dry foods, reporting valuable claims for pet parents’ satisfaction throughout cat or dog food shelf life.

Native Phileo new probiotic stamp

78% of cat owners and 66% of dog owners would purchase a product containing Actisaf® Sc 50 PET, for use mainly as a preventive cure.

Please download the White Book or contact us to learn more about, the probiotic for premium dry food.

Website for accessing the White Book: Actisaf: Improve Animals' Performances | Phileo by Lesaffre (phileolesaffre.com)

Contact: Shelly Grace, Phileo Pets Manager, North America, [email protected]

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