SC Pet Food Solutions fined $20,000 for pollution control violation

The company, a joint venture between 3D Solutions Holdings and Amick Farms, was found to have allowed discharges into a small stream in Saluda County, South Carolina.

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The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) has fined SC Pet Food Solutions US$20,000 over discharges state inspectors say washed off the property and into a small stream in Saluda County.

According to a report from a local news site, The State, an enforcement document released last week said the company had violated the state’s pollution control law when it allowed polluted runoff to leave approved areas for waste disposal.

SC Pet Food Solutions is a joint venture between 3D Solutions Holdings and Amick Farms created to convert poultry into specialty proteins and fats for the pet food industry.

DHEC’s action follows multiple inspections and field visits last year by agency staff in response to complaints about creek pollution, reported The State. The department’s enforcement order indicated some of the creek pollution was tied to wastewater treatment problems and discharges from the company’s waste disposal system. The agency said it found foamy, turbid wastewater with large mats of black solids and “globular-like materials.’’ That indicated a problem in the treatment process, the department said.

SC Pet Food Solutions has paid the fine, a DHEC spokeswoman told The State. Records show SC Pet Food Solutions did not admit wrongdoing but agreed to the enforcement action in an effort to resolve the issue with DHEC.

In addition to the fine, DHEC’s enforcement action requires the company to submit a plan to correct problems, remove any remaining discharge pipes tied to the waste ponds, and evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment system.

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