4 Petfood Industry blogs July 2018: FDA, local sourcing

These four blogs covered issues relevant to the pet food industry in July 2018.

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(Rasulov | BigStock.com)
(Rasulov | BigStock.com)

During July 2018, Petfood Industry bloggers covered the FDA warning about dog heart disease correlations to grain-free diets, CBD in pet food, local ingredient sourcing and transparency.

Why local pet food ingredient sourcing can pay off

July 30, 2018

Pet owners today demand transparency in pet food ingredients, allowing companies like Champion Petfoods to showcase their local sourcing strategies.

FDA dog food warning hasty, too focused on ingredients

July 23, 2018

Like some pet owners and even pet food companies, FDA’s premature warning about canine DCM fixates on ingredients instead of nutrients or nutritional balance.

CBD pet products on the rise, regulatory status is murky

July 16, 2018

Pet treats and other pet products with cannabidiol (CBD) are storming the market, yet no part of the hemp plant is approved in the U.S. as a pet food or treat ingredient.

Pet food transparency: telling stories to reach consumers

July 3, 2018

To achieve transparency, pet food companies and industry organizations are learning to tell stories that may better resonate with consumers.

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