‘Tropical’ pet food gains Taiwan national quality mark

Real Nature products expand their presence in the Philippines, including the new line focusing on "tropical" formulas for animal living in humid climates.

Pixabay | Pexels.com
Pixabay | Pexels.com

Real Nature, a line of premium holistic dog and cat food products from RealPower Nutrition Co. Ltd. in Taiwan has bagged two highly coveted Symbol of National Quality (SNQ) certifications — a first for the pet food sector.

Taiwan's SNQ certification is awarded by a committee of 120 top scholars and experts, including animal science experts and experienced veterinarians, convened by the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry. It conducts rigorous, professional, scientific validation reviews of biotech, pharmaceutical and health care products and services based on present Taiwan regulations and international standards on safety and quality. It was the first time the peer review body awarded a certificate for pet food in Taiwan and Asia.

About Real Nature’s products

Awarded SNQ certificates were Real Nature Ocean Salmon for Allergy Control (for dogs) and Real Nature Forest Chicken for Digestive Health (for cats). The certificates covered multiple aspects such as quality control, safety and sanitation, product features and product content, which all boiled down to how good and safe these pet foods are.

Specially developed for cats and dogs living in tropical climates by animal nutritionists, Real Nature's Ocean Salmon for dogs and Real Nature Forest Chicken for cats both use hydrolyzed ingredients where the protein gets broken into smaller molecules to reduce the risk of pets having allergy and digestive problems.

Real Nature Ocean Salmon is made from Taiwan Penglai Rice, Nordic salmon, Japanese scallop and Australian lamb. It has supplements such as South American anchovy oil, lecithin and collagen peptides to support skin and fur health.

The cat food Real Nature Forest Chicken has a high fresh meat and low-carb formula of hydrolyzed chicken protein and organic red quinoa. It also contains 12 billion probiotics to support a cat's gastrointestinal health.

Philippines warms up to Real Nature

Real Nature Pet Food Philippines said more local pet owners are warming up to the “tropical” pet food after it delivered on its promise to address pets' persistent weather- and nutrition-related health concerns.

“Pets in parts of Asia where it is frequently hot and humid deal with weather-related health issues like skin allergies,” said a company representative from the Philippines. “Being from Taiwan, which also has tropical weather, means that the company knows better what kind of (health) problems Asian pets are likely to have so they formulated food that is suitable for our pets.”

High humidity and temperature open up the skin pores, exposing dogs’ and cats' skin to allergens and irritants. To address this, Real Nature uses hydrolyzed lecithin plus specific amounts of omega-6 and omega-3 in its pet food to help nutrition reach deeply into the pet's hair follicle to protect their skin and coat.

Philippines now carries nearly full line of Real Nature products

Real Nature Pet Food Philippines now carries the breadth of the Taiwan company's pet food products except for its fish oil supplement and veggie packs. The products are a bit on the pricey side so the Philippine distributor is banking on Real Nature's health benefits to make the sale.

“So far we have had great improvement in the number of loyal customers and we already imported six batches of products,” said the representative. “These are good signs that customers are now looking (at us) for better quality pet food.”

Founded in 2013, Real Nature now has five formulas for all lifestages for dogs, two formulas for cats and two formulas for puppies.

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