Purina PetCare refutes TikTok rumors about sick dogs

Numerous TikTok videos claimed dogs were sickened by Purina Pro Plan formulations. However, Purina denied any truth behind these TikTok videos.

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From TikTok, the social media platform that spread the deadly challenges of taking hallucinogenic levels of diphenhydramine (used in antihistamine and motion sickness medications) or holding one's breath until blacking out, along with numerous other dangerous stunts, comes an unfounded rumor about Purina PetCare products. Numerous TikTok videos claimed dogs were sickened by Purina Pro Plan formulations. These videos garnered millions of views.

However, Purina PetCare denied any truth behind these TikTok videos.

“Please beware of online rumors claiming there are issues with Purina products – these false statements may be creating unnecessary stress for pet parents,” Purina representatives stated in an announcement on Jan. 5. “There are no health or safety issues with any of our products, and they can continue to be fed with confidence…

“If you read something online that concerns you, or you have any questions about your pet food, please feel free to reach out to our team. We also recommend researching the source of these posts. Some are well-intentioned pet parents who are genuinely concerned and trying to be helpful, while others may be trying to create chaos and distrust of certain brands as an opportunity to sell their own products. Either way, please know that if there is a confirmed issue with any Purina product, we will be sharing that information with our consumers first.”

TikTok is owned by ByteDance, a Chinese internet technology company. ByteDance is headquartered in Beijing and incorporated in the Cayman Islands.

About Nestlé Purina PetCare

According to Petfood Industry’s Top Pet Food Companies database, Purina had the world’s second highest annual revenue among dog, cat and other pet food companies. In 2022, Purina’s revenue reached US$19,385,000,000. Nestlé Purina claims three headquarters globally: St. Louis, Missouri, USA, for its North American and Latin American operations; Lausanne, Switzerland, in Europe; and Sydney, Australia, covering Asia, Oceania and Africa. Its parent company, Nestlé's world headquarters, is in Vevey, Switzerland.

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