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Stay up to date with Petfood Industry’s list of US and international cat and dog food, pet treat and companion animal feed recalls. According to FDA, pet food can be recalled by a manufacturer to remove product from the market, by FDA request or by FDA order under statutory authority. Register for free to access premium content.



Aflatoxin pet food recall goes international; 110 deaths

Midwestern Pet Foods, Inc. may have exported the recalled product to one consignee, respectively, in each of the following countries: Bahrain, Barbados, Chile, Costa Rica, Curacao, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, French Polynesia, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Singapore, Taiwan, Trinidad, Ukraine, UAE, Uruguay, and Vietnam.
On January 25, 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration added a list of countries to which the recalled product may have been exported by Midwestern Pet Foods.
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Mars UK recalls Chappie, Pedigree dog foods for vitamin D

Vitamin D, when consumed at very high levels, can lead to serious health issues in dogs including renal dysfunction.
Mars Petcare UK is recalling several of its dog food products because they may contain high levels of vitamin D which exceed the maximum permitted intake, according to the UK Food Standards Agency.
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Toxicologist, vet catch dog food toxin after early deaths

Sikes recognition of symptoms and Evans’ analysis may have caught the aflatoxin-contaminated dog food early, potentially saving lives.
During the stress of the pandemic and political unrest in the U.S., pet food companies, government regulators, diagnostics laboratories and other need to work together and remain vigilant to other threats.
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70 pets dead; Sportmix High Energy pet food recall grows

The recall of Sportmix High Energy pet food expanded to more than 1,000 lots, according to FDA. Midwestern Pet Foods is based in Evansville, Indiana, USA.
By January 11, more than 70 pets had died after eating Sportmix High Energy pet foods, according to reports submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
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28 dog deaths prompt Sportmix High Energy dog food recall

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials received reports of at least 28 deaths and 8 illnesses in dogs that ate Sportmix High Energy dog food made by Midwestern Pet Foods of Evansville, Indiana, USA.
The company recalled the product, and tests indicated levels of aflatoxin that exceed acceptable limits. FDA agents continue their investigation into the recalled product.
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Pig-ear dog chew linked Salmonella outbreak over in Canada

Individuals became sick between late February and late September 2020. Three individuals were hospitalized. In addition, one death was reported.
The Public Health Agency of Canada announced that the group is winding down its investigation into an outbreak of Salmonella linked to pig ear dog chews.
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Albright’s Raw Dog Food recalls 67 cases for Salmonella

One animal illness has been reported. No human illnesses have been reported to date.
Albright’s Raw Dog Food of Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA recalled 67 cases of chicken recipe for dogs because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
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Sunshine Mills expands pet food recall for aflatoxin

The affected products were distributed in retail stores within the United States. This is an expansion of the recall initiated September 2, 2020.
Sunshine Mills, Inc. expanded its voluntary recall of certain pet food products that were made with corn that contained aflatoxin at levels above U.S. Food and Drug Administration action levels.
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Pig ear dog treats linked to Canadian Salmonella outbreak

Some of the individuals who became sick reported feeding their dog Paws Up! and Western Family brands of pig ear dog treats before their illnesses occurred.
Some of the individuals who became sick reported feeding their dog Paws Up! and Western Family brands of pig ear dog treats before their illnesses occurred.
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