Dog and Cat Food Nutrition

Find the latest dog and cat food nutrition articles, commentary and news covering pet obesity and health, limited ingredient diets, pet food label changes, plant-based proteins and how human food trends continue to impact the pet food industry.


Pet food bioscience education at University of Guelph

Educational institutions around the world offer classes and degree programs designed to prepare the next generation of pet food professionals.
The University of Guelph offers cross-discipline pet food educational opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students.
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Dogs likely evolved to eat cooked meat and carbohydrates

Dog foods marketed as replicating wolves’ raw meat diets may actually satisfy human fantasies more than dogs’ dietary needs, said one scientist.
During their evolution, dogs took advantage of a rich new food source, human garbage, including cooked meat and plant matter, said one scientist.
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Convincing buyers of pet food nutrition may drive growth

Nutritional-value promotion may be key area where the pet food industry has room to improve and expand.
LIVE FROM PFF: In 2018, 36 percent of respondents said strongly agree with the statement that they are willing to pay more for pet food products that are healthier for their pets.
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