Dog and Cat Food Nutrition

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Pet food nutrition: higher education for mid-career pros

Educational institutions around the world offer classes and degree programs focused on the pet food industry.
One upcoming program at the University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign may be ideal for pet food professionals who need expertise, but have no plans to continue in academia.
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Pet food vitamin shortage may result from BASF plant fire

A fire at a BASF plant may result in a shortage of vitamins A and E, along with several carotenoids used by the pet food industry in vitamin pre-mixes.
The fire destroyed production control electronics at BASF’s chemical plant in Ludwigshafen, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany on October 31, 2017.
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Caramel boosts brown coloration in pet food

An analysis of Petfood Industry’s Dog and Cat Food Ingredient Center database explored how caramel is used in pet foods.
To learn more about how wet and dry dog and cat foods use caramel, read “Caramel common colorant in pet food” in the Dog and Cat Food Ingredient Center.
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Fish-based pet food may help sensitive stomachs

A fish-based diet may help a pet with a sensitive stomach, according to pet nutritionist David Southey in a video for Fish4Dogs.
Fish can help counter sensitivity as it has lower fat levels and less dense muscle fiber, he said.
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