Dog and Cat Food Nutrition

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Pet food feeding trials address breed, novel ingredients

Just as there is no data on how certain ingredients affect dogs and cats, information does not always exist on specific breeds’ nutritional needs and sensitivities.
Dog and cat food feeding trials must meet challenges posed by diets formulated to satisfy both consumers’ demands and nutritionists’ guidance.
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Educated, discerning pet food buyers may pay more

Pet owners’ awareness of nutrition, quality and safety may have led to the largest change in the pet food market over the past 10 years.
Beyond marketing claims about products, consumers make decisions based on ingredient statements on pet food labels.
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4 top influences on pet food purchases, nutrition info #1

Overall, pet owners craved information about the nutritional value of pet products and wanted that information clearly and abundantly presented on pet food packaging.
Four factors most influence pet owners’ decisions to purchase particular pet foods in a survey by pet food packaging manufacturer Luminer.
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Pet food feeding trial duration and scope depend on goals

Pet food feeding trials range from days to years in duration and can include detailed tests on various health and metabolism indicators.
The duration and analysis used in a specific test depend on dog and cat food companies’ objectives, as well as the resources they can dedicate.
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