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Hill’s, Royal Canin renal cat foods fight kidney disease

The health of cats with chronic kidney disease improved after eating pet foods formulated to address renal problems.
In an experiment, scientists observed positive effects from both Royal Canin Renal Support A Feline dry cat food and a test food: Hill’s Prescription Diet k/d Feline with chicken dry cat food.
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Small pet obesity may be underreported health threat

Weight problems may be prevalent in pets, such as birds, reptiles and small mammals.
Little research has focused on the problem leaving veterinarians and pet owners with few resources to determine how diet and nutrition affect these pets’ weigh and related health issues.
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Science4Animals aims to fund basic research on pets

Based in the Netherlands, Science4Animals (S4A) is a non-profit organization that raises funds to finance research on pets and other animals.
S4A aims generating fundamental knowledge regarding three animal focus groups: equids, companion animals, pet exotics and zoo animals.
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