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Trupanion releases obesity claims list as warning to pet owners

Trupanion pet insurance company released a list of obesity-related claims it received since 2008, warning that obesity in pets is equally as dangerous as obesity in humans.

According to WebMD, up to 40% of dogs in the US are overweight, resulting in many severe health issues. The number one obesity-related disease reported by Trupanion was pancreatitis, which had a 255% increase in claims since 2008. This was followed by diabetes and arthritis, with a 112% increase and 209% increase in claims respectively.

To prevent obesity, the pet insurance company advised pet owners to feed their pet a healthy diet, monitor the amount of treats given throughout the day and give the pet an appropriate amount of daily exercise. A healthy dog should generally have a bone structure that can be easily felt but not seen, with a well-defined waist and tight abdomen.

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